Historic Mount Gipps Station

Explore Mount Gipps

Escape the city and experience some of Australia’s most breathtaking scenery and rich geological history at this unique authentic farmstay accommodation. Mount Gipps has a diverse range of landscapes to explore ranging from rocks carved out into amazing shapes by wind and water, ancient gums hanging from cliff faces in beautiful gorges, rock holes filled with water after rain and 360° views of the surrounding country.


Explore our hills, beautiful gorges and creeks. See amazing birdlife from Wedge-tailed Eagles, Australia’s largest bird of prey, to a variety of bush birds including Galahs, Wrens, Budgerigars, and many others.

Don’t forget your camera and binoculars!


Broken Hills’ skies are known to be some of the best in the world: Clear, vast skies with no pollution. You don’t have to be a professional astronomer to enjoy the night sky. Star-gazing can be done by anyone, with or without equipment. You can casually gaze after sunset, or you can be more enthusiastic and stay up late.

Art and Film

Local and visiting artists are inspired by the natural beauty, panoramic views, ever-changing colours and magnificent scenery that can be captured on canvas or for inspiration.

Film crews have also used Mount Gipps as a backdrop for productions because of its beautiful outlooks, rolling hills, iridescent sky and vibrant wildflowers.

Tag-a-long Tours

The rocky terrain is perfect for 4X4 driving and a 4WD guided tour around this running sheep station. Learn about why we have opted for the South African Dorper meat sheep. See and hear about the history of Mount Gipps from your hosts Kym and John or request a Sunset Tour with champagne and nibbles.

Flora & Fauna

The hills are sparsely vegetated with tough perennial plants adapted to the harsh, dry environment and in good seasons, ephemeral grasses and wildflowers such as Sturt Desert Peas are found. Native animals like kangaroos and emus can always be seen roaming the country side.

Geological Wonderland

Mount Gipps Station is divided by the Barrier Ranges and has a geological history spanning from 750 million years to 1.7 billion years ago. Mount Gipps is home to a number of mines and fascinating rock formations. Discover these historical sites and enjoy fossicking around the station.